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Uganda Charter Hustlers

The African Youth Charter Hustlers, Uganda Chapter is a flagship initiative that is spearheaded by the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy with the technical support of the African Union Youth Division and collaboration of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research
We are a team of young leaders, with a proven strong track record in advocacy, who were carefully selected through a rigorous process to be engaged and supported by the African Union through its office of the Youth Envoy, to promote youth-led action and accountability around the Youth Charter in Uganda


Country Representative


Country Representative

Emolot Allan David

National Coordinator

I ensure African Union Youth Envoy development and engagement programmes are successfully implemented in Uganda.

Our team members

The Uganda Charter Hustlers consists of a team of 18 experienced members who each walk of life, who compliment each our our activities and continue to advise and engage in programs of the Charter. Below are some of our team members.

Francis Bullton

Head Research and Development

Tukahirwa Maurine

Communication & Events Bureau Team

Igumira John Rwamasindi

Advisory Board


Events Bureau & Research Team

Mpiirwe Isaac

Research & Legal Team

Partnerships and Activities

Since we began operations in July 2021, we have been able to conduct several consultative meetings with various stakeholders to introduce our initiative to them with the aim of bringing them on board so as to strengthen our capacity and we have been pretty successful at that. Through our meetings,we have been able to enter into a partnership with YouLead Africa, that is headed by Mr. Ivan Atuyambe where we are currently part of their regional consortium.

We also secured funds from Dr. Jackie Chimhanzi, the leader of the African Leadership Institute, to be able to run and host our website.

We co – partnered with YouLead Africa and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Africa that is headed by Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa to organize the AfCFTA virtual continental event that brought together fellow charter hustlers from the different African countries.

At the AfCFTA event, a opaper was presented reflecting the ideas and opinions of the young African both within the continent and beyond. Our colleagues from the African continent and the African Youth from the Diaspora joined us in attendance.

The Uganda Charter Hustlers in the Media

Our Partners